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The difference that ties everything together, simply put, is our experience. We have come across hundreds of unique situations, especially in our local areas. With challenging permit processes and changing building codes, we're the team that you want leading your most important projects.



Commercial Custom Building

Building your business is our business. We will support each phase of your project, from scheduling and design to the final product installations; we’ll smooth out any issues along the way. We adjust details according to your feedback, provide continuous budget estimates, and value-engineering to achieve the most cost-effective, professional results possible.

Franchise Construction in New Jersey


Franchise Construction & Build-out

We are the company you can trust to coordinate the franchise design guidelines while adding your personal touches. Our team will work with you to assure the brand you own reflects the space we build. We can meet with you and the franchiser to discuss their requirements. Even at times helping to improve on their ideas. With the expertise of the franchiser, construction team, and your design ideas, many times it takes multiple parties to come together to brainstorm the best ideas.

Restaurant Remodeling & Construction in New Jersey


Restaurant Remodeling & Construction

Do you currently own a restaurant or are you thinking about opening a new one? Have you ever dreamed about having your own bar or an indoor and outdoor eating space? Are you looking for a design update or a full renovation overhaul? We have over 40 years of experience in commercial kitchen and dining renovation and design, making it a priority to encompass your personal love for food and entertainment and turn it to reality.

Retail Store Construction in New Jersey


Retail Store Construction

Once we meet with you at your existing or future location to discuss space planning and design, our experts can brainstorm ideas to engage passerby’s to come in and shop.  Our goal is to ensure your retail store is a true destination! Whether you own a clothing store, sneaker store, furniture or jewelry store, we have the talent to turn your space into an attraction for shoppers.

Office Construction & Tenant Fit-out in New Jersey


Tenant Fit-out & Office Construction

Our team will work to incorporate the tenant’s needs and wishes, while managing the landlord’s guidelines. Our design experts have vast experience in designing a new layout with the tenant so their new space looks great, flows properly, but is also functional.  However, every design is crafted with usability for future tenants in mind.

Commercial Remodeling in NJ


Commercial Remodeling

Whether you're building out a new space or renovating an existing one, we're up for the job. Our dedicated team of architects, engineers, and skilled craftsmen collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique vision and requirements, ensuring that every aspect of the remodeling project is executed with precision. From revitalizing outdated interiors to creating innovative, functional layouts, we bring new life to commercial properties while adhering to delivery timelines, budgets, and your unique requests.

"It was our 7th location and by far the easiest, we were apprehensive to use a new contractor but Alfano made everything seamless, they handled everything. The idea of a family run business for commercial construction is genius - zero miscommunication"

We're EPA Lead-Safe Certified

Did you know that many projects require that you work with a firm that is responsibly handling toxic materials such as lead? Many of the steps that take place during your project can disturb lead and create an unhealthy environment. This is why the the EPA states that any company providing renovation services that could create or disturb toxic lead dust in structures built before 1978—need to become EPA Lead-Safe Certified.


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Great construction starts with hiring the right company. Our family owned and operated company has been in business for over 40 years.